Whisky and fly fishing are similar to each other as two drops of water

You breathe a little deeper and look right into the soul. Both when you fill your mouth with a good whisky – and when you see the dawn of a fishing rod in your hand. Brothers Claus and Michael Braunstein are passionate fly fishermen, and it was during their fishing trips along the beautiful Scottish rivers, and with the pocket teacher in hand, that the idea to develop and manufacture a Danish whisky as a unique taste experience arose.

Now Braunstein invites several to take part in the journey towards the good Danish whisky. You can help create your own truly unique whiskey. Braunstein is on target for quality, but you can get the finest whiskey experience in the heart of the world of whisky.

You follow, taste and influence your own whiskies platter and write your own whisky adventure!

Handmade Danish whisky

When whisky is to be made, you need water, malt and yeast. Ok, quite so simple it is still not. A good end result requires knowledge, creativity, premium egefade, good storage conditions and a proper portion of patience.

This must be done right from the outset. A good finished stored whisky assumes that every step of the process lasts high class. At Braunstein we produce new distillate in world class. Through careful selection of raw materials and production methods, we constantly focus on quality rather than quantity. We distillate more slowly than other distilleries precisely to ensure the quality. We avoid chemicals in the production process on the road to the whisky.

The quality of the water is another focal point for us. We use the cleanest spring water to give the taste the best conditions to unfold. And during storage we are extremely fussy with the choice of dishes and only buy them in the best quality. We even store the faders during ripening, because in this way we achieve maximum control of temperature and humidity in the air around the faders. In addition to the number of years in the dish, the burgeoning whisky is also affected by temperature shifts between day and night and between summer and winter. Our drops must have these experiences!

Curiosity and willingness to experiment is part of our work with quality. Whisky is a product with a long history, and we have deep respect for tradition and craftsmanship. But if we have the opportunity to make it even better today or tomorrow, yes, then we will!