Become the owner of your own whisky platter at the distillery Braunstein. Get past and greet the dish periodically and sample your whiskey during ripening. You decide for yourself when it's time to bottle and fill the bar cabinet with your own unique whisky!

Choose your dream Platter
You can become the owner of your own Braunstein whisky platter. The dish is 30 litres and we recommend that you store the whisky between one and three years. Each dish consists of wood from larger barrels. We offer a large selection of different dishes: Bourbon, Olorosso Sherry, Sherry PX, Port wine, Sauternes, Marsala, Caribian Rum or Calvados.
The choice is yours. We are happy to give you a good advice!

Choose your dream Platter
Bourbon barrels are by far the most common for storing whisky. In addition to a beautiful golden suit, it gives the whime scent and taste of vanilla and caramel.
Fine Spanish Oloroso Sherry fade creates deep, golden and almost tawny red color in the whiskey. The taste is persistent and with lots of raisin, walnut, chocolate and dried fruit. A classic sherry heavy malt whisky.
Storing in ancient romfade from the Caribbean gives a soft and sweeter whiskey. The taste has a good fill with notes like toffee, cinnamon, apricots and chocolates. The end will bring taste of sweetness and raisins from the romfadene.

Smoked or non-smoked
Within malt whisky we distinguish between two different prescriptions. You choose between a delicate, slightly fruity, unenhanced variant or a more robust, smoked variant. If you have whiskey-interested friends, you can appropriately join and buy two barrels with a prescription.

We store the alcohol that turns into your whisky. It has already stored for a minimum of 3 years on large barrels before you get it over into your own 30 litre dish. Your whisky will be so-called Double Wood because it will have the opportunity to take a taste from two different barrels. The pre-storage provides better flavour in your finished whisky because it matures more gently in large barrels than in the small ones. At the same time, you add intensity and heaviness to your taste through your choice of dish, where the alcohol becomes your own unique whisky.

You will have ample opportunity to follow the maturation process and try tasting your platter. We recommend that you do this every year. Of course you are welcome at the distillery Braunstein, but if it is more convenient, we will gladly send the samples to you.

When you, as a father, decide that the whisky has reached the top, it's time for bottled. The desire for bottled is ordered on Braunstein's fad web, where you can also make a personal label.