The following offers are aimed at those who want to learn more about whisky by following the evolution from commodity to finished product. The terms of this offer are based on the applicable legal rules, etc. The offer and associated terms are subject to change without notice.

The patents which are the subject of the agreement are the Distiller Braunstein (hereinafter referred to as Braunstein) and a natural or legal person (hereinafter referred to as the Fadowner).

The oak, which is used is 30 litres, where the owner chooses the Fader's character.

The alcohol is made of malted barley, which has been saturate, forgæret and then distilled at Braunstein. There are 2 different prescriptions that the Fadowner can choose from-a smoked or a not smoked. The alcohol is pre-stored at Braunstein for a minimum of 3 years, the father owner can choose from a selection of draft types – contact Braunstein for the Committee and prices. The dish is filled with alcohol with a strength of approximately 63%-which is the strength of alcohol after 3 years of fading.

Purchase of Dish:
The father owner buys the full contents of the draft. It is not possible to buy parts of a platter.  If the Fadowner wants to buy the dish after emptying, the dish costs DKK 3000,-

Current price list for dishes and various optional additional services are available on the Braunstein website: www.braunstein.dk

Purchase registration:
Purchases are made by completing the purchase form for a purchase or via Braunstein's website. The purchase is binding by signature or registration via website.

The agreement is formalised:
Braunstein sends the bill to the father owner. When payment is made, the Fadowner approves the terms of the agreement (these are enclosed with the invoice).

Registration information:
The Fadowner is responsible for the information regarding the The Fadowner is correct. If the contact information is changed, it is the owner's responsibility that these are updated at Braunstein via Braunstein's fad web.

Contact with the Fadowner:
Information regarding the The dish is directed directly to the father owner. Braunstein's contact is made directly via the email provided by the Fadowner at the purchase.

Fader Filling:
After Braunstein has received the full amount of the purchase, the desired whisky will be filled within 6 weeks.

Storing the dish:
Storage of the dish is done at Braunstein's registered warehouses. Because the alcohol is pre-stored, the whisky can be drained after a year, but the father's owner decides when the whisky is ready. In the price of the draft, storage costs are 2 years and insurance during this period. If the owner wants a longer storage, a tax is billed for the storage and insurance of KR. 1000,-per Years.

One 20cl is included in the price. Sample bottle of dish (which can be purchased further). We'll send your sample directly to you.

When you, as a father, decide that the whisky has reached the top, it's time for bottled. The desire for bottled-up is ordered on Braunstein's fad web, after which it will be established a day for bottled (Braunstein bottles 4 times a year) and will contact you regarding The optional text part of the labels. Your whisky bottle is picked up directly at the distillery. The whisky is bottled on Braunstein's 0.5 litres bottles and packed in 6 cartons. During storage, a portion of the alcohol evaporates, this is called the share of the angels and is a natural part of storing whisky. Bottled is usually done by the alcoholic strength of the dish at the time of collection (cask strength).

Unforeseen events:
The whisky is stored in egefade. As the faders are made of a natural material, leakage or other unforeseen events may occur. Braunstein replaces any lost content due to anything but evaporation.

Force Majeure:
If Braunstein is prevented from living up to this agreement as a result of force majeure, the owner of the father does not have the right to compensation. Force majeure means: war, terror, political unrest, import or export restrictions, regulatory decisions or foreword, Fire, Storm, hurricane, flood or other natural disaster.

As the owner, you have the full ownership of the contents of the draft. The fait belongs to Braunstein.
Once again, from the distiller Braunstein's side, we would like to congratulate you on your whisky and we look forward to sharing our passion with you.


The Distiller Braunstein
Carlsensvej 5
4600 Køge Municipality