Braunstein and Friends//Whisky Festival tickets

On 12 In October 2019 Køge is given a new beer festival where the exhibiters are all microbreweries. Up to 100 different microbrewed draught beers will flow out of the taps when visiting the Braunstein & Friends Craft Beer Festival at Køge Havn. The festival is the first of its kind in Denmark, because the exhibitor are all from either American or Danish microbreweries. Guests can taste a wide range of quality beers and hear the story behind the beer from the breweries themselves.

The ticket includes:
Entrance to the festival during the chosen Period option for tasting a lot of exciting beers from the breweries 1 PCs. Taste glass 3 pollettes to begin! Access to the tent all day-where there is a barbecue, beer and music that can be purchased further pollettes on the day-the price of the Pollatans is KR. 10,-Pr. Paragraph.
The pollet price of the tastings varies after the choice of taste.

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