Your cask – your label – your bottles

1.      When you buy a whisky cask at Braunstein, you just need to decide on the type of cask that you want to order. As from here we will help you.

2.      Once we receive your payment, you will be registered as a cask owner – congratulations.

3.      Your whisky cask is filled at the distillery and then we send you a welcome pack with a cask certificate. Your cask is stored at our whisky stock for at least 1 year. You can buy a tasting kit every year so you can follow the development of your whisky.

4.      You decide yourself when it is time to bottle your whisky. When you order bottling, we send a label template so that you can design your own personal label. Of course we are happy to help with drafting. Expect a delivery time of approx. 6 weeks after ordering.

5.      It is now time to visit the distillery and pick up your bottles. Pick-up can be done on weekdays between 9.00 and 16.00 or the 1st Saturday of each month. Waiting time over.

Now it’s time to enjoy your own, completely unique malt whisky.